Friday, 30 October 2009


Well my first post to my blog. I'm Simon, born in 1969, married to Sharon since 93 with 2 lovely girls and a dog called oscar.

Last year I was diagnosed with a mild for of depression which was leading to panic attacks. I was not going to take this as is and examined my life to make sure my mental health was as improtant as my physical health.

I have an over active mind, I think a lot, it never switched off. So I needed soemthing to focus on that I enjoyed doing and was a long term target. I played golf, but I cant play every day and in winter I am limited to once a week. I looked at building a train set, but I couldnt bring myself to dot. So I went back to something I had done up until about 6 years ago and that was paint and build model armies for wargamming.

So December 2008 I began to build my Naploeonic armies and I would still play golf in the summer evenings.

The other advantage of painting my model figures was that I could do this in the house and spend time with my family at the same time....

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