Monday, 26 July 2010

First unit complete, the 88th foot

The 24 figures are all Perry, the flags are Victrix. In the end it took me 2 weeks but that's only because life got in the way. As I've said, its around 85% of the result for 50% of the effort.

The approach is very simple.

1) Undercoat in black
2) Block out all major colours, Medium or dark flesh, Vermilion for the red, white trousers, belts etc, black, grey and brown. All just basically blocked out.
3) Army Painter, strong tone brushed on, then left for at least 12 hours
4) Matt Varnish, I use Windsor and Newton Acrylic varnish
5) highlights, Vermilion for the red, White, brow, dark grey ( for the blacks ) etc
6) Another layer of Matt varnish
7) Brass and then Gun metal

And then onto the bases....

1) PVA glue dipped in Games Workshop basing sand, left to dry rock hard
2) Dry brush in Buff, then again lightly with Ivory
3) PVA areas for static grass, apply
4) PVA areas for stones, apply
5) PVA for tufts, add tufts....

And that is basically it........

I think I can comfortably do 2 battalions in 3 week fully based, so I expect my basic British force to be ready before Christmas... If I don't get side tracked.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Here comes the 88th........

The first boxes of Perry British arrived on Friday, got home at 3.30pm, made up 6 figures, undercoated, started painting 4.30pm.

Blocked out colours and some initial highlights by 6.00pm, applied Army Painter and left overnight. 1 1/2 hours spent on highlights ( yes I still do highlights ) and bobs your uncle. I would say 85% of the results for 50% of the time, that is compared to the figures in my earlier posts. So including basing, I think that's 3 battalions a month !

Some people don't like the brownish look, I used strong tone, but I think it gives the figures that used on campaign look.

So these 3 pictured are the first contingent of the 88th, I will finish them off then do the 45th ( basically the battalions I have Victrix flags for ).....

Now off to play golf while the Army Painter on the 2nd batch dries......

Will i get all 24 figures painted by Thursday ?

The new plan....

After some deliberation, I'm off back to do 1811 in 28mm.

First up will be the British, 5 Battalions based for Lasalle with some skirmish stands, commanders and artillery. Figures will be Perry mainly with some Victrix thrown in.... battalions will be either 24 or 16 figures on either 4 x 45mm bases or 4 x 30mm bases. Base width for playing Lasalle will remain at 40mm though as I can't fit in a table bigger than 6ft x 4ft.

Target completion date is the end of November. Very doable with my new painting technique using Army painter.

I will be painting 2 battalions from the 3rd Division, 2 from the 5th division then 1 from the light division. Just because I want to......

When I come to do the French, I may take a little artistic licence and use Perry Plastic French, not sure yet......

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Some more Army Painter

This time a couple of Victrix French, teh one on the white bottle top was done with Army Painter, teh one on the yellow bottle top was done with washes....

These aren't painted quite as good as I would normally do, especially the faces which could be better.

Again, especially considering the time saving the Army Painter + Highlight works very well.

Experiments with Army Painter

I thought I would try a couple of figures with 2 improved painting techniques. Usually I have painted 28mm figures using the Dalimore technique with some success, but it takes me a long time. It takes me around 3 weeks per 24 figure battalion. I want to speed it up a little.

So I thought I would compare 2 different techniques, 1 using base coat + Washes + highlight, and the other base coat Army Painter Quick Shade strong tone + highlight.

Left - is a figure done with, base coats then washes, Pale Grey on the pants, brown on the jacket etc... Saves around 20% on the 3 layer technique...

Right - Base coats then Army Painter followed by some highlights. Saving around 40% on 3 layer painting.

I kind of like the Army Painter technique, looks quite natural. It took a few abortive efforts to get right but it needs to be brushed on and excess brushed off. I may put a couple of deeper shades in the folds in the jacket but the compromise I think is worth it.....

Incidentally the figures are offensive miniatures.

Bye Bye 15mm...

Well after painting a fair few ABs, I just don't enjoy them. Daft, but its dawned on me I enjoy the modelling side.

So, back to 28mm. But I need to improve my painting speed to avoid me becoming disheartened.