Sunday, 27 December 2009

Figures for sale on ebay

The ebay pictures don't do them justice.

French pre 1812 reforms - Foundry Unit 1

French pre 1812 reforms - Foundry Unit 2

Front Rank French Light Infantry

These are my last 3 to sell...

The its AB miniatures all the way



Sunday, 20 December 2009

New rulesets and a change of scale....

There has been a spate of rulesets release recently and I particularly like Lasalle and Black Powder. But here lies the problem, I don't have enough space to play either. My maximum table size is 6ft x 4ft and this is going to be too small for 28mm games ( I don't want to play skirmish ). On top of that I am running out of storage space !

So I have decided that I will go down a scale to 18mm. I've painted a few to test and I can paint them pretty well and paint a 32 figure unit 1/2 the time that I can paint a 24 man 28mm one.

So AB or CGM it will be probably AB.

So the whole French collection are on Ebay. With the Brits going on this afternoon.

Size Comparison

I thought this may be useful, lots of people seem to ask for size comparisons on TMP. So here we are. LEFT to Right - Victrix, Foundry, Offensive, Front Rank.

The pictures don't do the Offensive figure justice.

Front Rank French 8lb Guns & crew

I got some more Front Rank, this time some French guns. the guns are excellent. I painted them using the Foundry French artillery paints ( apart from the barrel ) and they were very easy to paint using the 3 layer method.

The figures came as a pack of 2 guns, but the crew are a mixture of loading and firing.

Front Rank French light Infantry

I decided to paint some Front Rank figures to get a good comparison. They are very well cast, crisp and clean with plenty of detail.

I have a couple of minor complaints on the figures. Firstly they shako plate is a little less detailed than most and looks a little blob like. Secondly I would like a little more variation in each pose. The variation in pose is just personal preference though. Minor quibbles.

I used the standard foundry 3 layer paint system although I have started doing it a little difference with large colour areas. I miss the shade, paint the mid colour then the highlight and then go back and shade at the end. It just seems to speed things up a bit.

My reservations about pose weren't as much of a problem as I thought, though I think they look quite good.

Another thing about Front Rank ( which I was aware of ) is that they are big. you can't mix them with foundry it just looks wrong in the same unit. That said they are fine next to each other in separate units.

No posts for a while...but I'm back..

Well after setting up the blog its all been a bit bare. I firstly had jury service then just as I got back got bloody swine flu. Great.

Anyhow, I have been painting and now have some updates.