Sunday, 20 December 2009

New rulesets and a change of scale....

There has been a spate of rulesets release recently and I particularly like Lasalle and Black Powder. But here lies the problem, I don't have enough space to play either. My maximum table size is 6ft x 4ft and this is going to be too small for 28mm games ( I don't want to play skirmish ). On top of that I am running out of storage space !

So I have decided that I will go down a scale to 18mm. I've painted a few to test and I can paint them pretty well and paint a 32 figure unit 1/2 the time that I can paint a 24 man 28mm one.

So AB or CGM it will be probably AB.

So the whole French collection are on Ebay. With the Brits going on this afternoon.


  1. 6mm man! That's the way to go. No point in 18mm half measures! :)

    Seriously though, I'm going to be using 6mm on 40x20 bases for mine and then intend dropping 2 of those bases in the middle of a 60x60 so I can still play Grande Armee!


  2. In terms of space, how much less area a 32-figure unit in 18mm does take compared with a 24-figure 28mm unit? I am also limited to a 6'x4' table, but I concluded that, at least for large Napoleonic battles, 12-figure units in 15mm were the only viable option, as I like to have some maneuvering room both on the sides and in depth. For my marlburian period, I opted for 24-figure units in 15mm. I am sure that a 36-figure unit will look amazing!

  3. Well the 28mm figures have a width of 20cm ( 5 cm x 4 ) so in Lasalle terms thats 24 base widths in a 4ft deep table as opposed to 30 base widths in 15mm ( with 32 figue battalions). Which actually makes a lot of differance according to the Lasalle site.

    But also you need less storage.

    I can paint AB miniatures up pretty well, I just use 2 layers not 3, and generally a bit lighter.

  4. Wow. That's drastic. Don't you feel you've now wasted your time a bit on all these 28s? Why not just reduce the base sizes (Lasalle) or movement distances (Black Powder)? Surely better than starting your project from scratch all over again.

  5. Yes a little drastic, but some times change is good. The whole thing (the painting \ collecting ) is part of a theraputic process though so nothing is lost.

    My paint setup is in a place where I am with the family when I paint so its all good. Otherwise I would have probably vegitated in front of Eastenders