Sunday, 20 December 2009

Front Rank French light Infantry

I decided to paint some Front Rank figures to get a good comparison. They are very well cast, crisp and clean with plenty of detail.

I have a couple of minor complaints on the figures. Firstly they shako plate is a little less detailed than most and looks a little blob like. Secondly I would like a little more variation in each pose. The variation in pose is just personal preference though. Minor quibbles.

I used the standard foundry 3 layer paint system although I have started doing it a little difference with large colour areas. I miss the shade, paint the mid colour then the highlight and then go back and shade at the end. It just seems to speed things up a bit.

My reservations about pose weren't as much of a problem as I thought, though I think they look quite good.

Another thing about Front Rank ( which I was aware of ) is that they are big. you can't mix them with foundry it just looks wrong in the same unit. That said they are fine next to each other in separate units.

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