Monday, 26 July 2010

First unit complete, the 88th foot

The 24 figures are all Perry, the flags are Victrix. In the end it took me 2 weeks but that's only because life got in the way. As I've said, its around 85% of the result for 50% of the effort.

The approach is very simple.

1) Undercoat in black
2) Block out all major colours, Medium or dark flesh, Vermilion for the red, white trousers, belts etc, black, grey and brown. All just basically blocked out.
3) Army Painter, strong tone brushed on, then left for at least 12 hours
4) Matt Varnish, I use Windsor and Newton Acrylic varnish
5) highlights, Vermilion for the red, White, brow, dark grey ( for the blacks ) etc
6) Another layer of Matt varnish
7) Brass and then Gun metal

And then onto the bases....

1) PVA glue dipped in Games Workshop basing sand, left to dry rock hard
2) Dry brush in Buff, then again lightly with Ivory
3) PVA areas for static grass, apply
4) PVA areas for stones, apply
5) PVA for tufts, add tufts....

And that is basically it........

I think I can comfortably do 2 battalions in 3 week fully based, so I expect my basic British force to be ready before Christmas... If I don't get side tracked.

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  1. Tidy!...Once you get a technique sorted out for army painter, it can work really well...and yours does!