Sunday, 11 July 2010

Here comes the 88th........

The first boxes of Perry British arrived on Friday, got home at 3.30pm, made up 6 figures, undercoated, started painting 4.30pm.

Blocked out colours and some initial highlights by 6.00pm, applied Army Painter and left overnight. 1 1/2 hours spent on highlights ( yes I still do highlights ) and bobs your uncle. I would say 85% of the results for 50% of the time, that is compared to the figures in my earlier posts. So including basing, I think that's 3 battalions a month !

Some people don't like the brownish look, I used strong tone, but I think it gives the figures that used on campaign look.

So these 3 pictured are the first contingent of the 88th, I will finish them off then do the 45th ( basically the battalions I have Victrix flags for ).....

Now off to play golf while the Army Painter on the 2nd batch dries......

Will i get all 24 figures painted by Thursday ?


  1. They look very nice. Just the right amount of detail. A great inspiration for using Army Painter myself - a task I am just about to undertake.

  2. Thanks, i think the key is to still do some highlights, so for instance ont eh jackets. Block out in vallejo Vermillion, Army Painter Strong tone, matt varnish then painted ( not pry brushed ) highlights of Vermillion. I was very pleased with the results.

    Just maybe a little less ont he eyes next time.

    Its the 50% effort thing vs 85% results.....

  3. Those look really great. From what I have read on various blogs, it would seem as though Army Painter gets a unified tonal quality, which is really nice. Though I still wonder if a wash with normal brown ink (what I have always used) wouldn't do the same. I have not bought Army Painter yet, but from posts like these I am starting to wonder if I shouldn't just order some.

  4. I find the army painter does a much better job than washes, it does give a unified look and there is no staining. Your fingers look fine, although I would not paint the eyes.